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Entering a church can be scary for people looking for meaning and spirituality. Are we capable of welcoming the person, the stranger, the seeker of meaning who has no experience of the Church? In a context where people are hungry for spirituality, where isolation has reached pandemic proportions and where a significant number of migrants want to create connections within their adopted city, together we will examine how we can be more effective and more courageous in our capacity to invite and welcome the other.

Join us in thinking about ways to strengthen our capacity to welcome others. We will discuss the results of a recent study conducted by our church regarding public opinions of us, so that you can apply some of the learnings from this study in your community. Discover some of the practical ways you can make your Community of Faith not only a place where “all are welcome,” but also a place where people come to meet God and meet other people.

We are not alone. Let’s find ways to make sure that others realize this too and can experience this same feeling.

Please visit EOORC’s event page to view the agenda and to register!