We need you! Both Bay of Quinte and Toronto Conferences were affirming and we need to live into ECORC being affirming! Can you make a two- or three-year commitment to participate in an Affirm Forum with the first year discerning and helping us live into our identity as an affirming regional council? Over the course of the first year’s work, priorities and work for years two and three will be discerned. Meetings will largely take place by conference call or zoom. This group will work with Affirm United and the ECORC equity team, with one or more representatives also serving on the equity team. Please submit expressions of interest through the nominations committee, application available on the ECORC website by November 15, 2019.

Volunteers are asked to include the names and contact information of two references.

The form shows all the ministries of the regional council. The only current opening is with the Affirm Forum. Volunteers for other ministries or committees will be considered as space becomes available throughout the year or in the spring, at the time of the regional council’s long meeting.