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Regional Council Meeting 2020

September 25 - September 27

Meeting materials

These are links. Click on them to download the three materials.

  1. General meeting motions and appendices
  2. November 9, 2019 General Meeting Minutes (draft)
  3. Report Book (2020)


Greetings to delegates and guests of the 2020 Annual Meeting

I apologize now for the many things we will not be able to do at this meeting of the Regional Council. What we are not able to do has been very evident these six months. In many regards it has been lost time and we will receive reports from various teams acknowledging that little progress has been made towards goals set and expectations unmet. We will be forgiving and understanding. We will propose that mandates and priorities for 2020 be continued into 2021.

I celebrate what we can do and give thanks for the flexibility and creativity by which much has been done by our Communities of Faith, by our members and by the volunteers serving the Regional Council.

I extend my appreciation to members and council of the Pickering Village United Church who had agreed and planned for our in-person spring 2020 meeting and then revised plane for a fall 2020 in-person meeting. I thank Sydenham United for the invitation to host a 2020 Fall meeting of the Regional Council. We may hope to hold these intended meetings in 2021.

I thank the facilitation team and the tech group who will be working behind the scenes to support our 2020 Regional Council ZOOM meeting.

Paul Reed



I have poor internet. Can I participate by phone?

Indeed, the ZOOM platform allows for participation by phone. The meeting invite will include phone numbers that may be used and the tech team will assist you when you have connected.

How will we vote?

Zoom has a voting feature that will be explained and we will undertake  a trial voting sequence as the meeting starts and you will be guided through the process of indicating your vote by ‘raising your hand’. The explanation and process is more easily described when individuals are in the meeting. Those on the phone will be individually polled to indicate a vote.

There will be several of us (from one bubble or with proper physical distancing) on one computer. Can we each vote?

We have several indications of multiple users and our tech team will provide specific directions to allow for multiple votes from one location.

How will we know who is attending the meeting?

For most the limit of how many can be visible on a computer scree is 25 people. We anticipate you would need to scroll through 10+ screens to see everyone. At the beginning of each session we will ask all who are present to enter their names into the ‘Chat Box’ and this listing will be the attendance list.

What will be the format of the meeting?

Most reports will have been pre-recorded to reduce the likelihood of technical problems. Following the presentation, the presenters will be available for questions and answers.

Who would I turn to for help during the meeting?

Individuals are being assigned to be monitoring the Chat box and the raised hand feature of ZOOM. Through these feature who can reach out for technical help, indicate you wish to speak, ask for help from a parliamentarian as well as other avenues of support. These individuals will have a direct contact with the Speaker so matters can be raised in a timely fashion.

Agenda: Big picture

Friday, September 25
9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (connecting time to begin at 8:30 a.m.)

Saturday, September 26
10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Indigenous event. Looking back at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission five years later. There is a different zoom link. 
2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (connecting time to begin at 1:30 p.m.)

Sunday, September 27
2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Block off in case more time is needed and/or technical difficulties arise during previous days of meeting.

Full agenda: Details

Friday, September 25

8:30-9 AM

Log on starting at 8:30 a.m. for Tutorial on how to use Zoom (voting, etc.)


Acknowledging the land/ Words of Welcome
Worship by the Equity and Affirming Forums
Celebratory changes in the past year
Opening Motions
Presentations Equity Team, including Affirming Forum (Formation Nurture and Justice Leadership Team)
General Council Remit
Presentation of the Budget for information
Theological Reflection

Saturday, September 26


A conversation with Senator Murray Sinclair and author Lee Maracle on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, five years later.

Use separate supplied login. See the item on the associated, optional, series.





Response to Indigenous presentation
Vision and Mission Statement
Nominations Report
Finance motions
Greetings from Office of Vocation and Philanthropy staff
Closing worship incorporating Covenanting with LLWL and the Assembly of Eld
Theological Reflection
Closing Motions

Sunday, September 27


Please hold in case meeting is carried over. Meeting logon will be open at 1:30pm.

Responsibilities of Communities of Faith

  • identifying their representative to the meeting (delegates and guests)
  • getting participants registered (this includes members of their congregation who do not have internet access and will only be joining by phone)
  • provide photocopies of materials (i.e., Report Book, Consent document, etc.).
  • providing a connecting point for their delegate(s), if person(s) do not have a computer and/or internet access on their own.

All Community of Faith delegates are expected to participate using Zoom (connecting via internet).

The indigenous event and the accompanying - optional - series

The Saturday morning indigenous event is PART of the annual meeting. It is free to delegates and delegates will be provided with a zoom link. The Regional Council has covered the cost of that event for its delegates.

That event, though, is part of a series of events. Delegates are encouraged to purchase and attend events in this series that celebrates indigenous culture, shares the teachings, and opens conversations. Delegates receive a discount to the early bird price of $25.

Free Pathways series opener: Wednesday Sept 25

BROKEN RELATIONS: A brief look at what led Canadians to the needed work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) and personal insights on how colonialism affected both speakers’ family life. Concluding with a discussion of the TRC’s call to all Canadians to take part in healing and reconciliation, and support the recovery of Indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions.It is a precursor for the big event which starts on Friday, September 25. (See the Pathways to Awareness and Understanding series below).

The event features Lori Ransom, a Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice Animator, Indigenous Ministries and Justice, with the United Church of Canada in conversation with her cousin Rev. Bryan Ransom, a retired United Church minister. Lori is a member of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation (near Eganville, Ontario) who has lived off reserve all of her life.

Please register through eventbrite:


Pathways series: Opening weekend Sept 25-26 and subsequent Wednesdays

Sign up for the series that includes dance, cooking, stories, learning, discussion


September 25
September 27
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