Networks and Clusters

Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) Network

What if all citizens had a Guaranteed Livable Income (G.L.I)? How might our taxes be used to transform our communities and give the thousands of our brothers and sisters the support they need to contribute their gifts to our local economies and communities?

ECORC has started a regional network for congregations passionate about this Kairos movement. The GLI network will be a source of information, inspiration, and support for congregations who wish to be a part of this national grassroots move of the spirit.

Register for the ECORC Guaranteed Livable Income Network Mailing List.

As part of the network you will receive:

  • the zoom link for the March 23rd 7pm Guaranteed Livable Income webinar with the very Reverend Lois Wilson
  • an invitation to a showing of the Mincome experiment documentary April 7th,  11am and 7pm
  • and to hear more about plans for the Canada-wide prayer vigil April 8th

For more information contact one of the Network Coordinators,
Cathy Russell Duggan crduggan72@gmail.com
Isaac Mundy  isaac.mundy@gmail.com
Allan Smith-Reeve reeve.allan@gmail.com


The United Church’s “Create A Guaranteed Livable Income Program” page here so you can check out some of what our church has done and is doing in support of GLI for Canadians. This web page is FULL of info, videos, reflections, worship materials, etc.


Join the national United Church’s e-mail network, Guaranteed Livable Income(opens in a new tab), to receive updates and opportunities to connect with others.

Here’s a quick and easy way to contact your local MP, Crystia Freeland, and PM Trudeau,


And here’s a short video from Evelyn Forget, author of a new book on Guaranteed Income.


Yours in this movement of the Holy Spirit in this unique time of history,

Bedford House Community Ministry: Changing the Conversation about Poverty & Privilege

Bridges Peterborough, a project of Greenwood United Church and Bedford House Community Ministry, invites participants to explore the ever-widening gap between privilege and poverty in our communities.

Key to this ministry is the leadership of participants with lived-experience of poverty. Reverend Lynn Smith-Reeve (who raised her family on Social Assistance for 18 yrs) offers the Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop. Watch for news of the next workshop.

Also available: Training for congregations interested in deepening relationships with neighbours living in poverty using the Bridging Team model. Contact: Lynn Smith-Reeve lynn@bridgespeterborough.ca

Click HERE for a background letter to ECORC members. A word document will download to your device.

For more info   www.BridgesPeterborough.ca

Check out the Bridges Peterborough YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRull7AS-cAffuUuchMaOEw/playlists