Since 2014, the Toronto United Church Council (TUCC) has presented Baillie Volunteer Service Awards to volunteers for their commitment to community service. The individuals who have received the awards have been active in a variety of projects: from providing leadership to church youth groups and assisting with hot meal programs to participating in community development projects overseas and founding their own service clubs.

Fifteen awards are available in 2019. The awards have a value of $500 and can be used to assist the recipients with their financial needs for education, travel, or professional development. The recipients must be nominated by a member of a United Church community of faith.

Please consider nominating a young member of your community of faith who is doing great things for their church and community! It is a wonderful way for congregations to lift up the many ways our young people are engaged in mission and ministry.

The Baillie Volunteer Service Awards are now open to young people in Western Ontario Waterways, Horseshoe Falls, Shining Waters, and East Central Ontario Regional Councils.

Consider nominating a young volunteer from your community of faith. The application deadline is September 9, 2019.

For more information on award eligibility and selection criteria, download an application form.