Shannon Marsellus

I started going to United Church events very young and the church has been such big part of my life. Being part of the Assembly of Elders now is great. I feel like I really get to understand what is going on in all parts of the church. I find that the changes going on are very important. It really makes us open up our eyes and have a better understanding  of the church and the challenges that it will take to keep us together as one. As a young adult who has all been going to church and been part of church events, I really believe that young people are the now and we are trying figure what that will look like. I would say I’m more of a listener at meetings and I read all the stuff I get, taking in a lot and trying understand what really going on. We all need patience as we go through this together.

A little about myself. I would say church has always been big part of me and has not only helped me pick the right career path but also has given me a place to speak my mind and heart. It has given me some of the most important people in my life. Even from a young age I have been interested in working with kids — I am going to school soon to get my early childhood education diploma. I am employed at a daycare where I will be doing an apprenticeship.


Shannon Marsellus is a member of the Assembly of Elders. She lives in Whitby and has belonged to St. Paul’s United Church in Bowmanville since she was a little girl.