ECORC Community of Faith Information Survey - 2019

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  • Purpose of the Survey

    The East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC) of The United Church of Canada is asking every Community of Faith to provide data information, to the best of their current understanding, that highlights their Community of Faith and will help others find people to network with about similar topics of need or interest in development. The "ECORC Community of Faith Information Survey - 2019" was initially launched for registrants to the ECORC Inaugural Meeting in Lindsay, Ontario on May 31 to June 2, 2019.

    For those Communities of Faith that have already completed the Survey, thank you. For those that have not yet done so, or are learning about this Survey for the first time in this message, we hope that you will complete the Survey.

    Please note: If, once you begin the Survey, you find that you don't have the information immediately available to answer a question, there is a SAVE AND COMPLETE LATER option at various points in the Survey.

    We are piloting the Survey here in the ECORC and hopefully the Survey will in the near future be used for Communities of Faith in all United Churches across Canada.

    If you have questions, please contact: Rev. Dr. Sharon Ballantyne at (705) 875-8837 or by email at sharon.ballantyne@gmail.com. You can also contact ECORC Staff members Gordon Wood at GWood@united-church.ca or Sharon Hull at SHull@united-church.ca.

  • This Survey will take approximately 5-6 minutes to complete

    If your *pastoral charge has more than one community of faith, please complete a survey separately for each community of faith.

    *A pastoral charge is a unit of organization that consists of one or more congregations (communities of faith). [The Manual (2019) B.1.2]

    EXAMPLE: Goodness Pastoral Charge has two communities of faith: Gracious United Church and Me United Church.

    Therefore, please complete a separate survey for both Gracious United Church and Me United Church.