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A Network to support the East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC) Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs)

List of Approved LLWL’s

Is your church looking for Sunday pulpit supply?  Who are you going to call?  Consult this list for available LLWL support:  ECORC – List of Approved LLWLs (24) Available for Pulpit Supply (Sept – 2023).  This current list includes 25 LLWL’s that are available for pulpit supply, other than their home community of faith.  There are presently 30 approved Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs) within ECORC – and all 30 individuals were last approved for renewal at the regional Fall/2022 meeting in Peterborough.

$232.00 per Sunday is the 2023 Pulpit Supply rate. This preaching rate is for the day, not per number of services provided on a given Sunday. The 2023 mileage reimbursement rate is 55c/km., based on return trip kilometer total from the LLWL’s home location. Please contact Paul Kneebone (LLWL Forum – Secretary) if you require further information.

Note to all church Treasurers and LLWLs:  The Canada Revenue Agency requires that a T4A be issued by a congregation to any individual(s) who have been compensated over $500 in a calendar year for their services, such as honorariums or pulpit supply payments. The amount should be reported in Box 48 – “Fees for Service”. *Since LLWLs are categorized by CRA as non-employees, these issued T4A’s should include both the pulpit supply fee AND mileage compensation totals.  It is incumbent on all churches to properly issue these completed T4A’s to fulfill their CRA requirements.  However, regardless of whether a T4A is issued, the LLWLs are responsible for reporting the income on their tax return. See this CRA website reference: What to report and exceptions – Canada.ca For further information, see Section 4.21 – Visiting Ministry Personnel [Chapter 4 – Paying Staff] of the United Church of Canada’s Financial Handbook for Congregations- 2019.

*Also, checkout the LLWL FORUM webpage (under “Ministry Teams” – Forums”) which provides specific details on LLWL Forum — including purpose, membership, meetings and duties.


An informal group/gathering to enable LLWLs and students to stay connected, share ideas and support each other in their ministry.


All Licensed Lay Worship Leaders and students training to become an LLWL, who live and plan to serve in the East Central Ontario region of the United Church of Canada.


LLWL Network meetings (or gatherings) are convened on a regular basis (minimum of 2 per year) to share ideas, concerns and provide feedback/recommendations to the LLWL Forum.  As well, recommend ongoing professional development opportunities at least once a year.


Other LLWL-related resources will be posted as available, including: LLWL’s Resource Guide (contributions from various ECORC LLWL’s)


We welcome you to explore the possibility of becoming a Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL). United in Learning offers a two-year online training program.  Here are three documents to get you started on that possible journey.

  • Are you feeling a persistent nudge or calling to be a part of the lay ministry in our region of the United Church of Canada? Hear what some of our own region’s LLWL’s have to say – RECRUITMENT DOCUMENT
  • Two other documents provide further details about this unique and dynamic national online learning program: