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About the ECORC

The East Central Ontario Regional Council. What is it and what is its composition?

The East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC) came into existence on January 1, 2019. Formerly known as Regional Council 11, ECORC is 1 of 16 Regional Councils of the United Church of Canada. A Regional Council is a decision-making body responsible to serve and support Communities of Faith within its bounds and provide necessary oversight.

The ECORC is composed of all ministry personnel within its geographic bounds; ministers of denominations within mutual recognition agreements while under appointment or call; and lay members elected by the Communities of Faith, respecting the balance of lay and ministry personnel where possible.

The ECORC also consists of:

  • the following Communities of Faith of the former Living Waters Presbytery of the former Toronto Conference: Trinity Pastoral Charge-Uxbridge, Sandford-Zephyr Pastoral Charge, Goodwood Pastoral Charge and Epsom-Utica Pastoral Charge;
  • all pastoral charges in the former Presbyteries of the former Bay of Quinte Conference: Four Winds, Hills and Shores, Lakeridge, Kawartha Highlands, Kente, and Shining Waters; and
  • several other entities in a covenantal relationship with the ECORC that gather to explore faith, worship, and service.

The ECORC’s executive body is known as the Assembly of Elders, and the presiding officer of the Assembly of Elders is known as the Speaker.