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Pastoral Relations

Pastoral relations policies govern search, selection, calls, and appointments between ministers and United Church of Canada communities of faith.

For more info, visit: United Church of Canada – Pastoral Relations

Pastoral Relations Liaisons in the East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC)

The East Central Ontario Regional Council has recruited and approved 12 Pastoral Relations Liaisons since November 2018. This process is continuing.

While the Pastoral Relations Liaison is the direct replacement of the Presbytery Rep. on JNAC and Search committees, the process has changed. The Pastoral Relations Liaison is a resource for the Governing Bodies of Communities of Faith, as they live into the new processes that have replaced the JNAC and Search process. Liaisons will be deployed where the discussion in Pastoral Charges turns to changing terms of calls and appointments before Regional Council approval can be granted.

The Pastoral Relations Profiles, on the new ChurchHub, an internet-based platform, is the new system for assessment and search. Some of these profiles are to become an annual process of self-assessment in all of our churches. Other Profiles will be drawn form the regular work of the Community of Faith. Finally, some Profiles will be produced in times of search. Pastoral Relations Liaisons will help in drawing all of these Profiles together and posting them on the ChurchHub.

Invitations to begin building Profiles are arriving spring 2019, in the inboxes of the Administrator named on the Statistics forms by pastoral charges. Each Pastoral Charge should receive an invitation. Please begin the process of enrolling on the ChurchHub when the invitation arrives. Initially, make sure your contact information is correct.

Pastoral Relations Liaisons should be requested through: 

Reverend Darren Liepold
Phone: 1-800-268-3781 Ext. 6116
Email: Dliepold@united-church.ca