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Strategic Plan – Leadership

You lifted up the ways in which leadership is supported and identified, from a strong
Licensed Lay Worship Leader program to online regular clergy check ins, and the hope
seen in the First Thirds Ministry Forum. You identified that there is a prevalence of
clergy leadership and voice and are looking for a higher profile for lay voices and
leadership. You are ready to let go of past ‘mantras’ like, “We’ve never done it like that
before.” You’ve expressed that leadership can be a lonely place and that isolation is
widespread, and that burnout amongst the clergy and laity within the church is a reality.

Recognizing the reality of diminishing Board/Council volunteers and energy, you’ve
asked for stream-lined governance models that will work and training for leadership in
these models. You would also like these stream-lined models to allow for spontaneity
and the ability to act quickly, rather like a flash mob, able to come together quickly for a
purpose, then disperse just as quickly before re-emerging somewhere else.