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ECORC Ministry Teams 

Covenant Support Team




Lay Members
  • Donna Bignall, Oshawa
  • Randall Scott, 
  • Paul Kneebone, 
  • Marion Blackburn
  • Steve Coles, Bowmanville
  • Freda Burns, Tamworth
  • Lisa Monsma, Carrying Place


Ministry Personnel
  • Reverend David King, Port Hope
  • Reverend Caroline Giesbrecht, Roslin (Retiree’s Rep)
  • Reverend Katy Gregory, Trenton
  • Reverend Anne Meredith, Bowmanville
  • Reverend Cheryl McMurray, Trenton
  • Reverend Lynn Watson,
  • Reverend Stephanie Richmond
  • Reverend Phil Hobbs


Plus two people appointed from the Pastoral Liaison Forum
Plus two people appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • William (Bill) Sheaves, Assembly of Elders
  • Kathleen Whyte, Assembly of Elders
  • The Reverend Lesley Hamilton, Assembly of Elders
Equity Team

Our Role …

Equity Policies

Equity and Accessibility Resources and Information

Lay Members
  • Deb Fortin Brown,
Ministry Personnel
  • Reverend Paul Reed, Kirkfield
  • Reverend Nancy Clarke, Kingston
  • Reverend Nancy Wilson, Keene
  • Reverend Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham, Mount Albert
  • Reverend Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dunsford


Plus, peoples appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • Reverend Kaitlyn Ostrander
Nominations Team


Interim Chair


Lay Members
  • Steve Coles, Bowmanville
Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Bill Smith, Belleville
  • The Reverend Caroline Giesbrecht, Roslin
  • The Reverend Wanda Stride, Brighton
  • Reverend Dr. John Young


Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • Margaret Curtis


Staff Support: Karen Wilson kwilson@united-church.ca

Formation, Nurture and Justice Team


  • The Reverend Wendy  Bulloch, Peterborough
  • Lay Members
  • Marilyn Rodger (UCW Rep.), Kingston
  • Peggy Fillier, Peterborough
  • Carol Peterson, 
  • Adele Boy, Uxbridge
  • Darlene Hallett, 
Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Dr. Aruna Alexander, Belleville

Plus one youth appointed by the First Third’s Ministry Forum
Plus one United Church Women (UCW) member appointed by the UCW
Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • The Reverend Edward (Ned) Wells, Courtice
  • Patricia Long
Staff Support
Mission through Property Team




Lay Members
  • Paul Binkley, 
  • Brian James, Lakefield (Treasurer)
  • Kendall Begbie, Whitney
  • Bruce Hutchison, Kingston
  • David Mantle, Carrying Place
  • Arthur Smith, Oshawa
  • Ian Deslauriers, 


Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Mary-Margaret Boone, Janetville
  • The Reverend Maryanne (Robin) Thomson, Ajax


Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • Ted Meyers, Uxbridge
  • Brian James, Lakefield

For more information about the ECORC Nominations process or ECORC Ministry Teams, please contact the Interim Chair of the ECORC Nominations Team, The Reverend Svinda Heinrichs, Maynooth revsvinda@gmail.com