ECORC Ministry Teams

Nominations are now open and will close on April 23rd, 2021

Regional Council Nominations for General Council 44 Commissioners: The national governing body for our church is the General Council (GC), and its next full meeting will be GC44 in July, 2022. The meeting will, for the first time in the history of our church, be conducted entirely on-line. Before the COVID pandemic, GC44 was planned for Calgary. Voting delegates to GC44, known as commissioners, will be elected across the country in 2021 by Regional Councils and the National Indigenous Council. This will allow education sessions for commissioners to begin early in 2022. Commissioners serve until the next full meeting of the General Council, normally a period of 3 years.

Please click HERE for more information and to fill out the nomination form.

Regional Council Nominations for Expression of Interest: We all have different spiritual gifts to offer, and we can use those gifts in many different settings…our own community of faith, local community organizations, and in our interactions with all those we meet. But, have you ever considered widening the impact of your gifts, by offering them to the broader United Church of Canada? Our East Central Ontario Regional Council has opportunities for a variety of different gifts to be shared.

Please click HERE for more information and to fill out the nomination form.

Covenant Support Team


  • The Reverend David King (member by virtue of Liaison forum)


Lay Members
  • Christopher Ingersoll, Napanee (2021)
  • Bill Sheaves, Ajax (2021)
  • Donna Bignall, Oshawa (2021)
  • Sue Hogan, Bath (2021)
  • Darlene Hallett, Little Britain (2022)
  • Marion Blackburn (2022)   


Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Katy Gregory, Trenton (2021)
  • The Reverend Craig Donnelly, Lindsay (2022)
  • The Reverend Dr. Larry Doyle, Courtice (2022)


Plus two people appointed from the Pastoral Liaison Forum
Plus two people appointed from the Assembly of Elders:


  • Steve Coles, Bowmanville
  • The Reverend Jean Wilson, Castleton/Grafton
Equity Team


  • Reverend Dr. Sharon Ballantyne, Peterborough (2022)
Lay Members
  • Penny Culverson, Peterborough (2021)
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick (2021)
  • Wilde Ferris (youth – 2021)
  • Deb Fortin Brown (2022)


Ministry Personnel
  • Reverend Stephanie Richmond (2021)
  • Reverend Max Ward (2022)
  • Reverend Dr. Sharon Ballantyne, Peterborough (2022)
  • Reverend Wanda Stride, Brighton (2022)


Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:


  • Reverend Phil Wilson, Yarker
Nominations Team


  • The Reverend Wanda Stride, Brighton (2022)


Lay Members
  • Tom Smart, Ajax (2021)
  • Helmut Enns, Brighton (2022)
Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Bill Smith (2023)
  • The Reverend Caroline Giesbrecht (2023)
  • The Reverend Svinda Heinrichs (2023)


Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:

  • The Reverend Paul Reed
Formation, Nurture and Justice Team


Lay Members
  • Helmut Enns, Brighton (2021)
  • Derek Marsellus, Whitby (2022)
  • Marilyn Rodger / UCW, Kingston (2022)
  • Adele Boy (2023)
Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Elaine Kellogg, Napanee (2021
  • The Reverend David Moore, Oshawa (2021)
  • The Reverend Carol Gillard, Courtice (2022)
  • The Reverend Dr. Aruna Alexander (2022)
  • The Reverend Meggin King, Warkworth (2022)


Plus one youth appointed by the youth executive
Plus one United Church Women (UCW) member appointed by the UCW
Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:


  • Marilyn Fortin, Belleville
  • Sophie Goodfellow (youth – 2021)
Mission through Property Team


  • Ted Myers (2021)


Lay Members
  • Ron Trewin (2021)
  • Brian James, Treasurer(2021)
  • Kendall Begbie, Whitney (2022)
  • Bruce Hutchison, Kingston (2022)
  • David Mantle (2022)
  • Arthur Smith, Oshawa (2022)


Ministry Personnel
  • The Reverend Mary-Margaret Boone, Janetville (2021)
  • The Reverend Mary Ann (Robin) Thomson (2022)


Plus one person appointed from the Assembly of Elders:


  • Ted Meyers, Uxbridge

For more information about the ECORC Nominations process or ECORC Ministry Teams, please contact the Chair of the ECORC Nominations Team, Reverend Wanda Stride at minister@trinitystandrews.ca.