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Find a United Church of Canada Community of Faith

A Community of Faith is any community of people within the United Church that gathers to explore faith, worship, and serve, including but not limited to pastoral charges, congregations, outreach ministries, chaplaincies, faith-based communal living, house churches, and online communities; and is recognized as a Community of Faith within the United Church by the Regional Council through a covenantal relationship between the Community of Faith and the Regional Council.

From The Manual (2019), III. Communities of Faith [PDF]

Interactive Map with ECORC Communities of Faith

This Interactive Map has the locations of the over 200 Communities of Faith recognized by the East Central Ontario Regional Council [ECORC].

Communities of Faith can be located on the map in three main ways:

  • Click on the yellow circle on the map. The corresponding Community of Faith located at those coordinates will appear. 
  • In the top right-hand corner of the map there is a search window. Start entering in the name of the Community of Faith, and then select the Community of Faith that you are looking for.
  • In the same search window, start writing in the name of a village, town or city. If there is a Community of Faith (or multiple Communities of Faith) in that location, it will appear in the search window and the select the Community of Faith you are looking for.

Please note: This map is a work in progress. At this time, the data fields available are name of Community of Faith, Location, Pastoral Charge, and Website (if available). We will be adding other data fields in the future including phone numbers, accessibility options, service times, email contact(s), etc.

This Interactive Map is a collaboration between ECORC and Sharon Buttrey, [GIS Analyst & Online Communications, EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development, The United Church of Canada]