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Mission Through Property Team

ECORC Mission Through Property Team

The Mission Through Property Team serves the Regional Council by making recommendations on property-related matters. Among other tasks, the Mission Through Property Team receives from Communities of Faith and conducts business tasks related to real estate, disposition of assets when congregations disband, assisting Communities of Faith as they amalgamate or otherwise realign or reconstitute or relocate, etc., and communicate to Communities of Faiths about insurance matters. The Mission Through Property Team also reviews use of church properties and maintains records on manses and their furnishings, and conducts inspections.

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Let’s talk about grants! Here are some that are available through our Regional Council:

And here are some more available through The United Church of Canada: Grant Applications – East Central Ontario Regional Council of the United Church of Canada (ecorcuccan.ca)

Contact Information

Ted Meyers (Chair) at ted1.meyers@gmail.com
Staff Support: Brian James brian.james@ieee.org