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Definition: A body appointed by the Regional Council to assist in the work of the Regional Council.

Purpose: A Forum is created to provide guidance and service to a Leadership Team in the completion of a specific mandate.

Accountability: A Forum and its members are accountable to its designated Leadership Team and the Regional Council.

Membership: Members of the Forum are recruited by the respective Leadership Team and selected for the expertise, knowledge and skill required to perform the assigned task. Membership of a Forum is approved by the Regional Council or the Assembly of Elders.

Structure: The body requesting the formation of a Forum will propose the terms of reference and governance structure of the Forum. The Regional Council or Assembly of Elders must approve the terms of reference and structure of a Forum.

Funding: The Leadership Teams will recommend annually to the Ministry through Property and Finance Team (MPF Team) the budget requirements of the Leadership Team including those of the Forums. The MPF Team will make recommendation to the Regional Council which will consider and approve the Annual Budget.

Staff Support: The Executive Minister will assign staff support to Forums as required; generally being the support staff assigned to the related Leadership Team.