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Assessment Resources

Assessments: a New Funding Model – the pastoral charge assessment process has changed.

New Assessment Process

The objective of the new funding model quite simply is to provide individuals, families, and congregations with a sustainable and understandable way of supporting our collective mission and ministry and our collective governance and shared services.

In this new funding model, congregations will be billed for an assessment based on their annual revenue to support the governance and shared services of all the regions and the General Council Office. Individuals, families, and congregations will continue to have the opportunity to donate to the Mission & Service of the church to support our collective ministry, which is carried out in congregations, regions, the General Council Office, across Canada, and around the world through our Mission & Service partners. (In times of financial pressure this will assure that future Mission & Service donations will not be used to fund governance.) The new model is based on a church-wide agreement to the following shared principles: fairness, sharing, clarity, phase-in, and flexibility.

For more info, visit: United Church of Canada – New Assessment Process

Internet Banking for United Church Remittances

The Finance department of the United Church of Canada’s General Council Office has created a document for Communities of Faith related to the New Assessment Process. Internet Banking for United Church Remittances [PDF] is a guide for Communities of Faith to make Payments for Assessments, Mission & Service donations, or both. Also included in the document is the Annual Assessment Remittance Pre-Authorization Form.

For more info, visit: Internet Banking for United Church Remittances [PDF]