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Strategic Plan – Growth

You identified strengths that have supported growth initiatives, including technical
expertise and equipment for online and social media work. Hybrid church is a part of
your repertoire for connecting with the community. You also recognized the Region
Networks, Forums, and Clusters that are doing significant work in outreach and justice
issues, making connections with the community.

Looking internally, you are asking for a process to discern opportunities for your
congregations in possible new ministry models that acknowledge your diminishing
volunteer base and energy. For example, a tool to assess different ministry models –
which one is right for you? Or a Community of Faith Health Assessment Tool to help you
evaluate what is working and not working, accompanied by evaluation criteria that
moves past traditional ‘success’ markers of dollars and numbers of people in the pews.
You have spoken of the isolation you experience and feeling out of touch with the
Region and with each other. Many congregations are without a minister and may not
have a connection to Region resources and connections that could bring

You expressed a desire to hold worship services during the week to connect with your
communities. A centrally managed worship service list could spark imagination and
creativity in the planning of your services.


  1. Congregational Self Assessment Tool: The Gizmo

    This handy tool, or Gizmo (a term coined by the former Lakeridge Presbytery) will be helpful in so many ways. For communities of faith, it gives you a chance to look at who you are as a community. What things are you proud of? What are the highlights of your ministry? What are the things you do well? What are your dreams?  It also gives a chance to look at areas where you hope you might do better. What are your learning curves? What obstacles do you see? Download the document HERE.