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Nominations Team

Nominations 2023 is now OPEN!

We all have different spiritual gifts to offer, and we can use those gifts in many different settings…our own community of faith, local community organizations, and in our interactions with all those we meet.  But, have you ever considered widening the impact of your gifts, by offering them to the broader United Church of Canada?  Our East Central Ontario Regional Council has opportunities for a variety of different gifts to be shared.  As detailed at the end of this note, there are opportunities in areas such as:

1/ enhancing church mission through the best use of our buildings and property (Mission through property team)
2/ strengthening the relationships between communities of faith and those who offer ministry to them (Covenant Support Team)
3/ building local and global mission partnerships (Formation, Nurture and Justice Team)
4/ promoting equitable access to all our teams and meetings (Equity Team)
5/ encouraging future leaders in our church (Nominations Team)
6/ guiding our Regional Council by offering leadership and vision (Assembly of Elders)
7/ helping to plan the course and future of the work of the Region (Strategic Planning Group)

Please prayerfully consider if you are being called to offer your gifts to the wider church.  Please consider if you know someone else who has the needed gifts, and encourage them to apply.

Nominations will be open from March 1 to March 24, and can be submitted via our website.  Please click HERE to fill out the nominations form. Elections will occur at the spring meeting of the Regional Council on May 5-6, 2023.

Our Regional Council teams offer you a rewarding way to make a real difference to the wider church, and to the wider world.  Your gifts are truly needed…please consider sharing them for the benefit of us all.

For more information, please contact any of the following ECORC Nominations Team members:

Mary-Jane Hobden (chair): revmj@hotmail.ca
Svinda Heinrichs: revsvinda@gmail.com
Steve Coles: coles.coles@sympatico.ca

ECORC Opportunities:

Strategic Planning Group, 8 people
The East Central Ontario Regional Council is embarking upon a strategic planning process. The goal is to create a strategic operational plan by the end of 2023 that will set some clear goals and objectives for the Regional Council going forward. We are seeking a team of eight people whose work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The working group will be shepherding the process, do active listening, discern, draft, consult and refine the plan for adoption by the Regional Council. In order to ensure that this working group can complete the task in the timelines imagined, the Assembly of Elders will appoint the committee at its late-March meeting.

Assembly of Elders, 4 people, including one person under the age of 30 (youth).
The executive of the ECORC is known as the Assembly of Elders. The assembly of elders shall have 12 members who share responsibility for overall mission and vision as established by the Regional Council. The Assembly of Elders meets at least six times annually, and members will serve on at least one team and be a conduit of information between the Assembly of Elders and the Team. The Assembly of Elders will elect a Speaker, who serves for a term of up to six months, a term which can be renewed for consecutive terms. Alternate Speakers may be elected. Terms are three years in length, with youth having the option of one year terms.
Over the next three years strategic planning and implementation will be a significant focus and consideration of policy and policy implementation a secondary function. Ongoing is the general observance of the work of the Teams.

Covenant Support Team, 4 people.
The Covenant Support Team has 12 members, eight of whom are elected by ECORC, and the team meets at least six times annually. The covenant Support Team supports and nurtures the relationships between the East Central Ontario Regional Council and Communities of Faith, Retirees, Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, and those in paid accountable ministry. In other words, those who are in a covenant relationship with the Regional Council. The large scope of work for this Team is assisted by the Pastoral Liaison, LLWL and Retirees Forums; through their collective wisdom and experience, recommendations for policies and decision making are made to the Covenant Support Team. The Covenant Support Team shall serve, support and provide oversight of Communities of Faith, Ministry Personnel and Pastoral Relationships.

Equity Team, 7 people including one person under the age of 30 (youth).
The Equity Team shall have at least 8 members, including 5 of whom are elected by the ECORC and meets approximately 6 times annually. The Equity Team advises the Assembly of Elders and all other East Central Ontario Regional Council meeting and event organizers on matters concerning accessibility, privilege and equity. The Equity Team will address any concerns raised and will help facilitate educational and learning events within the ECORC. The Equity Team will support the Equity Monitors and maintain an equity checklist for organizers. Terms are two or three years in length, with youth having the option of a one-year term.

Formation, Nurture and Justice Team, 2-5 people including one person under the age of 30 (Youth).
The Formation, Nurture and Justice Team shall have at least 8 members, including 5 who are elected by the ECORC. The Team meets approximately 6 times annually. The Team serves the Regional Council in areas of global and local mission partnerships, ministry with all ages, honouring and living into cultural mission and ministry and living in covenant with Mother Earth and All My Relations. This Team supports the work of the ECORC youth executive, supports the work for right relations as well as clusters and networks. This team also fosters dialogue between various levels of church governance. Terms are two or three years in length, with youth having the option of a one-year term.

Mission Through Property Team, 5 people needed.
The Mission Through Property Team shall have 11 members, including 8 elected by the ECORC.  The team supports and provides oversight of the financial responsibilities of the East Central Ontario Regional Council, and of the financial viability and property matters of the Communities of Faith.  In the area of stewardship, the team encourages and supports individual generosity and discipleship of resources.  The team oversees the revenue from the assessment of Communities of Faith, and develops and manages the budget of the Regional Council.  For property, the team provides support and guidance to Communities of Faith on all matters pertaining to property, including requests to buy, sell, mortgage, exchange, renovate, lease, or otherwise deal with Community of Faith property.

Nominations Team, 3 people needed. 
The Nominations Team shall have 7 members, six of whom are elected by the ECORC. The team meets as necessary leading up to ECORC meetings, or as needed by the Assembly of Elders. The Nominations Team serves the ECORC by recommending appointments and or elections to the Assembly of Elders, Teams, Forums and Task Groups as well as individuals to positions as requested by the ECORC, its Assembly of Elders or the Executive Minister; Every three years, the Nominations Team also recommends election of individuals to serve as commissioners to the General Council. Terms are two or three years in length.