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Equity Team

At our January meeting, the following suggestion was approved:
Any actions taken by those who are acting as Equity Support Person(s) while they are involved in a meeting, are asked to please inform the Equity Team of observations or any actions that they have taken by sending the observations/actions to ecorcequity11@gmail.com. They will then be shared and discussed with the team and will help us identify where we may not necessarily be aware of any actions or observations that come under the equity banner.

Captioning Videos:
As you may be aware, in addition to Karen Wilson’s role as our Communications Staff Person, she has also accepted the additional role of captioning our videos. To make this a little easier, we are asking if you could send a script OR transcript with your video when sending to Karen whenever possible.

Zoom Captioning and Transcript:
Did you know that Zoom now offers closed captioning and a transcript? The transcript is a great tool for minutes and very easy to access. Rev. Phil Wilson, Chair of Equity, recently recorded a video explaining how to use and set up both functions. Please visit our ECORC Equity YouTube channel to learn all about captioning and using the transcript!