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Equity Forum

Equity Scorecards: 
We have created three Equity Scorecards: Equity Support Person’s “VIRTUAL” Scorecard, Equity Support Person’s “IN-PERSON” Scorecard and Attendee “PERSONAL” Equity Scorecard. We ask those who are acting as Equity Support Person(s) to fill out these scorecards after each meeting. For those who are attending a meeting, you are welcome to fill out a scorecard as well. These are fillable forms and submitted immediately. They will then be shared and discussed with the Equity Forum and will help us identify where we may not necessarily be aware of any actions or observations that come under the equity banner.

Captioning Videos:
All ECORC videos are now being captioned and reviewed by Karen Wilson. If possible, please include a script or transcript and send to our Equity email at ecorcequity11@gmail.com

Zoom Captioning and Transcript:
Did you know that Zoom now offers closed captioning and a transcript? The transcript is a great tool for minutes and very easy to access. Please visit our ECORC Equity YouTube channel to learn all about captioning and using the transcript!