Doing Mission Together Grants

Funding projects and activities for mission objectives of the East Central Ontario Regional Council

The Assembly of Elders of the East Central Ontario Regional Council (ECORC) will award “Doing Mission Together Grants” to support Clusters, Networks, and Communities of Faith to further ECORC mission objectives. $23,000 (total) will be made available to support the funding of programming.


The submission form can be found on this page. It will allow you to upload documents, including a void cheque for banking.

Criteria for selection

a) designated priority of ECORC;

NOTE: Designated priorities of the ECORC will be reaffirmed at the Spring Meeting each year. ECORC Priorities for 2021 and 2022 are:     

✓ Diversity and Inclusion: supporting the full participation of all people – with attention to intersectionality (Anti-racism, Affirming, Interfaith, Intercultural, Respectful Relationships with Indigenous Peoples)

✓ Climate and environment: Living with Respect in Creation

✓ Economic Justice and Community Development

✓ Investing in new Church Development and Innovative Ministries

b) quantitative and qualitative valuation (number reached or helped; vulnerable sectors; number of participating Communities of Faith);
c) other funding sources (positive consideration for partnerships and/or participant commitments);
d) maximum Grant request not to exceed $5,000; and
e) granting body may consider less than full amount of request

NOTE: The application must indicate whether partial funding will be considered; if requests exceed $23,000, granting body might consider applications for less than full funding. This might apply particularly to applications that less fully match above criteria (i.e. Is it all or nothing? If full funding is not available would partial funding be acceptable?).

f) Granting body may consider granting in excess of $5,000:

  1. if in consultation with applicant, more funds may be awarded for a particularly critical or worthy project; and
  2. if total requests are less than $23,000, the balance may be distributed among approved applications.