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Reverend Darren Liepold

Pastoral Relations Minister

It is a pleasure to announce that Rev. Darren Liepold has accepted a term position of Pastoral Relations Minister in East Central Ontario Regional Council, full-time effective July 1, 2022, to July 31, 2024.

Darren is an Ordained Minister in The United Church of Canada (Saskatchewan 1990), currently serving Innisfail United Church in Calgary, Alberta.  He has provided Intentional Interim leadership in various urban and rural pastoral charges of the former Toronto Conference, in Saskatchewan, in Australia and as the Mission and Service Fund Officer for the General Council Office.

Darren has been a trainer for an Anti Bullying network, served six years on the Toronto Conference Interview Board (three years chaplain, three years as Chair), and engaged in other work of the wider church, such as a member of the Chinook Winds Region Affirming Working Team.

Darren is a proud member of Metis Nation of Alberta number 3, with ancestors from the Swampy Cree and Lakota nations. Much of his family heritage was lost due to inherent racism but he is in the process of learning about his heritage now.

Darren is a trained operatic tenor, has a keen interest in photography, and enjoys travel, musical theatre, reading mysteries, and classic British television comedies.

As we welcome him into our communities beginning in the summer, let’s recognize that we are all learning our way as we go in this new structure with various new processes.

Reverend Darren Liepold