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Leadership Counts

The United Church is blessed to have rich diversity in its leadership. Our diversity makes us more capable of living out God’s mission in our world. In sometimes ground-breaking ways, the United Church has affirmed commitments to supporting the full participation of everyone. To help us more fully live out these commitments, we have been collecting data since November 2021, as part of the Leadership Counts voluntary survey to learn more about the breadth of identities present among The United Church of Canada’s ministry personnel, General Council office and regional council office staff, and members of national committees. This includes racial identities, gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, languages, and more. Individual data can now be viewed and updated: If you have completed the Leadership Counts survey, you can visit ChurchHub.ca to view or update your identity information at any time through the “My Identity Data” tile. Please check the data shared in the original survey. Watch this new video tutorial for help navigating the My Identity Data pages on ChurchHub. You can still participate: If you are a ministry personnel or a member of a national committee and have yet to participate in this project, you can go to ChurchHub.ca and complete the survey through the My Identity Data tile. Your unique link to complete the survey can be accessed from the My Identity Data tile on ChurchHub. Lay people on national committees who are not yet registered for ChurchHub can contact leadershipcounts@united-church.ca to be enrolled. We are grateful for the more than 1600 individuals who have already taken the time to share some of their identity data. This work is important to the current Strategic Plan being implemented at the General Council Office. The trends that we are noticing and the questions that the responses are raising both shape the work of the Strategic Plan in many areas.

With thanks, Diane Bosman (Member Engagement), Adam Hanley (Ministry Personnel Vitality) and Adele Halliday (Anti-Racism and Equity) on behalf of General Council Office

Learn More: You can more about this Leadership Counts project, including why it’s important for the whole church, and how we keep the data secure and confidential. You can also review two news stories that share some of the results and insights that are emerging.