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Office of Vocation

The Office of Vocation supports the processes for the discernment and training of ministry personnel, the determination of their fitness/readiness for accreditation, the fulfillment of continuing education standards, and the formal processes for oversight and discipline of ministry personnel.

For more info, visit: United Church of Canada – Office of Vocation

Candidacy Pathway

The Office of Vocation also relates to candidates for ministry through the Candidacy Boards. The Candidacy Pathway is the process for entering ministry in The United Church of Canada.

For more info, visit: United Church of Canada – Candidacy Pathway

Karen Valley

Minister for the Office of Vocation, Québec and East Ontario

Phone: 1-800-268-3781 Ext. 6107
Email: KValley@united-church.ca

Karen’s focus is the Candidacy Pathway and the oversight and discipline of ministry personnel for the ECORC and RC’s 12 & 13. Karen supports individuals and the systems that enable fulfillment of potential and calling, along with serving the francophone community through strong partnerships.