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ECORC's Strategic Planning for 2024-2025

Creating New Forums and Networks

Expression of Interest to Volunteer

As we move forward in our Strategic Planning, we are asking for expressions of interest in creating networks and forums. Do you feel called to volunteer in a new Climate Forum? A new Healthy Connections Forum or a new Lay Mentoring Network? Information is below and we thank you for taking a few moments to fill out the survey.
Climate Forum: You told us that climate care is important to you and you weren't sure how to help. We would like to create a "Climate Forum". Would you be interested in being part of this forum?(Required)
Common Good: Creating a "Healthy Connections Forum" where volunteers would be tasked with contacting and maintaining contact with every Community of Faith in our Regional Council. This will create deeper relationships as well as offer support and guidance. Would you be interested in being a part of this forum?(Required)
Leadership: You lifted up the ways in which leadership is supported and identified, from a strong Licensed Lay Worship Leader program to online regular clergy check ins. We are looking at creating a "Lay Mentoring Network". Would you be interested in volunteering in this network?(Required)
We may need volunteers in certain areas, would you be interested in being contacted?(Required)

Please tell us about yourself