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In line with our United Church call to 'Bold Discipleship, Deep Spirituality, Daring Justice', the theme of this year's UNJPPI Gathering is "Responding to a Cry for Hope". That is the Call which was issued in 2019 by Kairos Palestine and Palestinian Christians. The UNJPPI Gathering will be in London, Ontario from May 6 to 8, with a community event at King's College on May 5. Working in the spirit of decolonization, most of our leadership will be Palestinian as we try to decolonize our work and...

NO TRAVEL? NO PROBLEM! Join us for three virtual tours of Palestine -Jaffa/Tel Aviv, the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem. Lift off for the zoom web and ours on the following Wednesdays: April 21, April 28th, May 5 from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Event will be led by Barbara Lloyd of Palestine Network  of Shining Waters Region  and Adele Boy of ECORC. Register by April 16 with Barbara at barblloyd@rogers.com or Adele at boyadele@yahoo.com.au